My Baseball Team Is Better Than Your Baseball Team

First and foremost it's basically impossible to describe how much better the Cubs were in May vs. April. I can try my best or you can just trust me that it's been a turnaround of biblical proportion. From last place to first place in a month with a remarkable 25 consecutive games without losing by more than one run - just a few games shy of the MLB record set in 19 fucking 16. Absolutely staggering to think about how far this club has progressed the first two months of the year. 

To be fair, the close games belong to the bullpen. Their scoreless streak ended over the weekend at 38.1 innings, or slightly more than 4-straight complete game shutouts. Reminder that this bullpen features approximately one noteworthy name as understood and defined by the general public: Craig Kimbrel. The remaining misfit toys have completely taken over the island with only one regular with an ERA over 2.60 (Rex Brothers, 3.31) and even he's striking out 15.4 hitters per 9, good for a team best. 

Depth has become a huge theme with the 2021 Cubs which is yet another pleasant surprise on an already long list of positive shit. It's been too long since the Cubs had several bats and arms competing for playing time equally. This observation is giving me big Jorge Soler vibes if you really want to break it down. That's great news for fans because it keeps games and storylines fresh when you can spread the love. It's even better for the players though because you're not shouldering 162 games on a handful of guys. Instead you get to mix and match platoons while fighting off the minor injuries that plague any club. And even better is the experience lended to the bullpen. Now we've got nine guys getting regular work which keeps the starting pitching afloat. Everybody wins when you bring this kind of depth. 

That said can we talk about Kris Bryant being the obvious Most Valuable Player yet again? He's playing 5 positions, hitting for average and power while locking in the most important spot in the order. He's playing so well that his .961 OPS in May actually brought his season number down to 1.016. His versatility defensively means David Ross can literally plug him into the weakest spot in the lineup. Or it means he can give Rizzo a weak to heal a notoriously difficult back when the weather is just a little chilly around Wrigley. There's so much shit that happens from KB's ability to move around the diamond that nobody wants to talk about. 

Speaking of Talking - I'd like a little more enthusiasm from Boog in the booth. They played the audio from a Dan Orsillo home run call over the weekend and I almost died. I forgot you can freak out and bring the noise on your home broadcast, something that has been lacking. My sincere hope is that Boog starts to pop the top a little bit as he becomes more ingrained with the day-to-day around the Cubs. I'm not asking this guy to sign a blood oath for the team. Just feel the pain and glory with us a little bit more. Maybe even dabble in the KB prop? 

That's right folks we're back again. Season record stands at 1-16 but that 1 win brought us 8 units. So for the statisticians at home, that's -8 units on 15 losses. We get a little momentum behind our sails this week and we're off to the races. Someone tell me KB isn't primed to rattle off at least 7-8 big flies. Now stop lying. The weather is warming and he's starting to get extension to right field. 

That's a very scary thought and I'm here to profit off it. Get a piece of the action under the exclusives tab on the Barstool Sportsbook app main page. We're building a community here around this prop that's getting pretty special. Yesterday was certainly one to remember so don't miss out on the next one. 

As for me - we just moved into the new office. I'm writing this blog 4 blocks from Wrigley Field. Go back 5-10 years or go back 5-10 months and this day would seem equally impossible. Thanks to everyone for your support along the way. You guys deserve our best effort and that starts tonight in the left field bleachers. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and I'll pick one lucky winner to receive the homerun ball I'm about to catch tonight. Scout's honor.