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Following Naomi Osaka's Withdrawal From The French Open, The French Tennis President Ironically Refused To Take Any Questions From The Press

JOEL SAGET. Getty Images.

Right after Naomi Osaka's withdrawal from the French Open the President of the French Tennis Federation called for a press conference to address the situation at hand. Seemed like the right move considering the whole sports world is talking about this. Well, not quite. This asshole who looks like a James Bond villain's assistant gave a 10 second statement that honestly could have been sent via text it was so short. He then called it a day and left without taking a single question. Clown. 

The irony of refusing questions from the media after threatening to default the world number 2 for skipping out on the media while dealing with anxiety and depression is unreal. Hypocrisy at its finest. Honest question, does this guy have any sort of PR team? I know he's probably not required to take questions, but man that's a crazy bad look. What the fuck are you doing dude? 

All of this has been such a mess. Osaka's first statement wasn't good along with the plan of all this, her sister chiming in on Reddit made everything worse, the threats from the FTF were so unnecessary, the FTF President not taking questions was a joke. I hope Naomi gets right and gets back to the game soon because she's a fucking star and I love watching her dominate opponents. 

In other news, Petra Kvitova had to withdraw from the tournament as well after falling and hurting her ankle during her post-match press conference. BRUTAL. 

After the whole Osaka saga you really can't make this shit up. Post match press conferences continue to wreak havoc in Paris this week.