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Barstool Sound Engineer Tech Guy Andrew Bombs An Absolute Laser While Promoting The Coronavirus Vaccine

Andrew is typically behind the scenes so isnt seen much in content. He's a fairly soft spoken nice guy who is always willing to help. I gotta be honest. When I saw the caption, I thought this shot was gonna be shank city. It wasnt. It was an absolute bomb with a beautiful draw. My mouth dropped open. Great speed control moving to the top of the swing and then he activated that juicy ass and gave the shitty top golf ball the whatfer. Impressive. So impressive that even the little covid vaccine bottle was fucking loving it and gave him the much-appreciated number 1 finger. 

Do you have any idea how good it must feel to get the number 1 finger from the covid bottle? It must feel like getting fingered. Now, I've never been fingered but I've seen it happened to other people and some of them fucking loved it. I cant speak for Andrew but he looks like he had a great time getting finger blasted by the covid vaccine. To me, that's wonderful. 

PS: dont say that swing is better than Trent's or whoever else on the Foreplay podcast. That's just not needed and im sick of seeing it. Gas each other up, daddies.