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We Finally Got To Air An Interview That We Taped FOURTEEN MONTHS AGO

So here is the story:

In early March of 2020, we got an interview with multi-hyphenate Djimon Hounsou ahead of the planned march 20th release of 'A Quiet Place Part II'. I went and saw it in a PACKED screening the day before this interview, and had a grand ole time. This was right when Covid was starting to rear it's ugly head, and when we greeted him in the studio I remember him joking around saying "Are we even supposed to shake hands anymore?" The interview was a blast, but before we could ever air it, D-Day hit in March 15th. The movie got delayed to May….then September….then April of 2021….then September 2021….then a pleasant bump back to May of 2021 where the movie is currently saving the industry with some great numbers. 

Anyway, the interview is fun, and we have another one in this episode with a multi-hyphenate in Patrick Wilson where we talk Watchmen, The Conjuring, Insidious and much more.