The Wizards Are Playing A Basketball Game In The Month Of June For The First Time Since 1979. Seriously. 1979.


What a stunning sports stat. 1979. That was the last time the Wizards (then Bullets) reached an NBA Finals. Now for context, most years only the NBA Finals play in June, with a few Conference Finals games sprinkled in. I was typing random years into NBA-Reference to do a little #BlogResearch, and here and there over the years a few CF games are in June. But the fact that the Wiz haven't played in June, meaning they haven't even sniffed an NBA Finals since Jimmy Freakin' Carter was president, well, that's just astonishing. It's hard to be historically that bad in the NBA. When you're that bad, you end up getting number 1 overall draftpicks that change the franchise forever. No such luck for our beloved Wiz. Almost had something with Wall, but that didn't work out. Beal is awesome, but he can't do it all himself. Kwame...umm..I love him and wish him all the best in the world, not a bad word to be said about that guy.

So hey, how bout our Wizards! Suck it, 1979! 42 years is all it took for another June game. I doubt I'll even be alive in another 42 years so hopefully they do it again sooner than later.