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Ryan Mountcastle Almost Killed Rob Refsnyder With A Home Run

I feel like we're seeing more and more of this in the 2021 season. It's like every week we get a guy running into the centerfield wall as fast as he can. This week's installment includes Twins center fielder Rob Refsnyder who literally tried to run through the center field fence at Camden Yards. Ryan Mountcastle hit a ball about 400 feet to center and Refsnyder thought he had it the whole way, turns out he wasn't even close. Didn't even bother to check where the wall is, didn't feel the warning track, just ran full speed right into the wall. He was okay so that's why it's perfectly fine to mention it, but he got the shit smacked out of him. Just because the wall is padded doesn't mean that feels good, theres a nice slab of concrete under that padding and Refsnyder basically tried to plow through it with his shoulder. He ran into that thing so damn hard, I'm just happy he was able to get up. He did a little back roll and was ready to go but man that looked scary at first. That'll shake the cobwebs out.

If you're in right field you gotta let him know where the wall is, thats just being a good teammate. Gotta talk out there, obviously there wasn't much communication. You could even hear Jim Palmer on the broadcast express his concern for Refsnyder. He hasn't played a lot of CF, and I can see why. Gotta keep an eye out for that wall, it comes fast.