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A Giants Pitcher Was Boo’d By His Home Fans Because He Walked Shohei Ohtani

I love this move by the Giants' fans during the game on Monday. They're up 6-1 in the ninth and who comes out to pinch hit for the Angels? The legend himself, Shohei Ohtani. The guy is reinventing baseball and how it's played from the rubber and the batters box, he puts asses in the seats. So with the Giants up big their fans wanted to see the man himself. He steps up to the plate and the crowd loves it, they want to see him put on a show. This is like when Barry Bonds would get his one at-bat a series when he wasn't intentionally walked back in the day, people got on their feet and were just waiting to see what he could do. No different here with Ohtani. 

So naturally Nick Tropeano walks him on 5 pitches. Nice and quick. Fans weren't happy, and I'm talking about Giants' fans, they wanted to see the Angels superstar in action. Instead they only got to see him jog to first. To express their displeasure with their own pitcher the home crowd let the boo birds out on him. Nothing too harsh but they let him know they weren't happy, and you know what? I don't blame him. They wanted to see Shotime swing the bat, don't just pitch around him, you're up 6-1, let the big dog eat. I'm fully on board with the boos from the Giants fans who just wanted a show. This just shows what an attraction Shohei is, people want to see him in action. Give us the goods!