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Fernando Tatis Jr Demolished This Pitch And I Honestly Don't Know If It Ever Came Down

Fernando Tatis Jr may be the most clutch person in baseball right now. You need a big hit? You got it. You need a guy to jumpstart your team? He's your guy. 2 outs in the ninth and the Padres down 3, no problem for Fernando. Ryan Pressly chucks it in there and boy oh boy he shouldn't have done that. Tatis Jr absolutely unloads it on, Albert Pujols-like if you ask me. 448 feet up and over the train tracks.... at least I think? I didn't ever see it come down so there is a good chance that ball is flying through the atmosphere somewhere around Houston. What could feel better than putting a ball into orbit when your team needs it?

Think he knew he got all of it? Have to love how he stood there and just watched it fly, when you hit a ball that far you can do whatever the hell you want if you ask me. He lives to tie up ball games in the bottom of the 9th, he's addicted to being clutch. Besides Ohtani I think he's the most fun player to watch in baseball right now. You can throw Acuna in there, Soto at times, but what he is doing is unreal. Even when he's trying to get out of the way of a pitch he's fun. How does a guy of his stature move like that? Honestly, besides field and throw a ground ball cleanly what can't he do? Tatis Jr is amazing.