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An 'Urban Explorer' Snuck Onto Jeffrey Epstein's Infamous Pedo Island and the Video is Surreal

Gabriel Lopez Albarran. Shutterstock Images.

Long before Jeffrey Epstein's prison guards were changing their story about the night he most definitely did not kill himself, the world's most notorious, murdered scumbag was operating his own private island kingdom in the U.S. Virgin Islands for the sole purpose of having a place outside of anyone's legal jurisdiction where he and other wealthy, powerful goatfuckers could molest underage girls. Allegedly. 

Well Epstein is currently getting a train run on him by Satan and assorted other hell demons for the rest of eternity. But Pedophile Island remains. And off limits, apparently. But that didn't stop a couple of guys from making the trek out there. Newsweek explains:

An "urban explorer" has shared clips on TikTok from when he infiltrated Jeffrey Epstein's abandoned island in August 2020.

Andy Bracco originally shared clips from his trip to the island with a friend to TikTok last year, but he claims his account was later removed by the app. In April, Bracco reposted a clip of the exploration to his new TikTok account. …

The clip shows Bracco at Epstein's island, with the infamous blue and white striped building visible. 

The building previously featured a gold dome above it, and sparked various online theories about its purpose, along with rumours of secret underground tunnels. According to permit records obtained by NBC, the building was intended to be a music pavilion.

The "urban explorer" also referred viewers to his YouTube channel, which has vlogs from the trip available to watch. At the end of "part 2," viewers noticed an image of tunnels flash onto the screen without a description.

I honestly don't know what to make of the cryptic message at the end of that second video, the stuff about the risks involved with this trip and self incrimination and "There are greater powers at hand here." But then again, given the fact that TikTok took down the original post, I can forgive anyone who actually committed a crime by trespassing on the property for being a little dramatic. Besides, Epstein's entire reign of terror is a prime example of what "greater powers" are capable of. 

That said, this footage is utterly fascinating. From a historic perspective, if nothing else. This place is part crime scene, part museum to utter decadence, part James Bond supervillain's lair. An impenetrable fortress of pure twisted debauchery. 

Meaning no disrespect to all his victims, mind you. I'd imagine that any one of them would get PTSD from viewing this place again. And that's heart-wrenching. But just to see what this sick piece of shit used all his money and influence to build for himself is important. In the same way that tourists can visit Hitler's "Eagle's Nest" lair in the German Alps. See the luxury he surrounded himself with. Walk in his footsteps. And learn a lesson about the limitless evil some men are capable of when they achieve unlimited power. 

So in that respect, I'm grateful these guys took the risks and brought back this footage. While hoping the girls Epstein hurt have been able to get whatever help they need to get their lives back. And that there truly is a place where he pays a cosmic price for what he did on that godforsaken rock.