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Examining the Evidence That Jake Marsh Is the Star of Twitter's Latest Viral Video

We've all seen the original "guy talking to disinterested girl in a crowded bar" video. It's been meme'd over and over again for however many years since it originally hit the web.

But Twitter's latest viral video is a new variation of the internet classic with an awesome twist: the guy in it might be Jake Marsh.

I've watched this video a couple dozen times and based off appearance alone, we can't say with certainty that it's him, but we absolutely can't rule it out, either. We never see the guy's face completely, but the side profile definitely resembles that of the Stool Streams play-by-play man.

Now we move on to some of the circumstantial evidence. Obviously, we have the, "Sorry again, Jake," in Claudia Bellofatto's post. But also of interest is the fact that Bellofatto is a 2019 graduate of Syracuse's Newhouse School of Communications. Who else received his journalism degree from Newhouse around that time? That's right.

I'm not saying that girl is making those faces at Jake Marsh. But I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't take a look at the evidence and allow the public to make its conclusion. I'm not a fan of convicting based on circumstantial evidence, but I don't know how many Jakes were running around Syracuse from 2015-2019 that looked like that.

When asked if it was him in the video, Marsh responded, "No. Not me."