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Warzone Cheater That Won $11,000 Got Exposed For Cheating

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^^This seems to be the motto for Warzone these days. If case you weren't aware, Warzone does not have an "anti-cheat." Aka, there's no penalty for players that are using cheats. It has amounted to such an insane point that multiple people have won tens of thousands of dollars while cheating.

I'm not talking cheating like using a little pine tar on a baseball - Imagine an MMA using brass knuckles and pepper spray in a fight against a normal opponent, it's that ridiculous of an advantage.

How Aamericas Got Caught

The picture above is from January 21st right after the Twitch Rivals Warzone Tournament. As you could tell, Huskerrs (the 2nd highest earning Warzone player - $166,150), was extremely sus of Aamericas for his aim. Turns out Huskerrs was right.

Aamericas came in 2nd in a Twitch Rivals Tournament and ended up taking home $11,000. The tournament was a private match in Trios with the top Warzone players in the world. His team came in 2nd place which earned him $10,000 and he got the most eliminations which gave him another $1,000.

Unfortunately, I can't link any of his sus Twitch clips because his account got banned live. His account being banned live is an absolute W thought because he essentially robbed Twitch and other competitors of $11,000.

Aamericas was most likely using wall-hacks and some soft or soft aimbot. Wall hacks are when you can see any opponent in the map through any surface. Check the picture below for an example:

Aamericas got caught not only because a ton of sus clips, but also because he has an email chain going back and forth with a cheating website asking for cheats he can stream with….YIKES. See below:

When a player is behind a surface, they are yellow. Once they are exposed and out of cover, they will turn red which tells the player it is their time to shoot. Cowards are becoming so good at hiding their hacks that it's very hard to distinguish if a player is insanely talented/aware or hacking. Every day the problem grows worse and Activision could care less.

If' you've been following the MRags' Saga, you are aware that I recently recovered my Warzone account after it got hacked. The past two days were my first games back on the account and I have never seen Warzone lobbies like this in my life. I'm a 3.75 KD with over 500 wins, so to say I have Warzone experience is an understatement. I have never played in lobbies this difficult in my life. It feels like every single team I am going against is Aydan + Nickmercs on Adderall with Wall Hacks. It's madness!!

In the meantime, I'm gonna go pro in Knockout City (yes, I am addicted to this game). Watch below!