Jay Cutler Went On ESPN1000 And Said That Andy Dalton Should Be The Bears Starting QB Because Fields Isn't Ready

First things first, everyone knows I am the Cutler guy of the Chicago office. Always loved him. Always will. Wrote this blog at one point

I have been such a Cutler guy that I sent this tweet

Then I promptly got this package in the mail

Which just goes to show that if you complain enough on the internet you eventually get what you want. What I want now is to never see Andy Dalton or Nick Foles ever again. I'd also like to move on from Matt Nagy. I just want to have hope. I need Jay to come over to this side of the argument. His points were valid

“I think it’s a tough spot to just throw someone out there, especially in Chicago. They have to get the line, weapons. I will say this isn’t Ohio State. This isn’t college football. The playing field gets levels really quickly in the NFL. You’re going to get humbled. Bad things are going to happen. You’re just going to have to deal with it. So, then you have to go back to the film and say, ‘Hey, my bad.’ You just want to limit your mistakes as you get older and as you see things.”

Cutler sounds like a battered man from his time here. He was. That quote about how they have to get the line and weapons. That sounds like a guy who never had consistent weapons or a line or coaching and definitely never really had them all at the same time with a competent defense. Then when none of those things were going well he got blamed and hated perpetually and unfairly in this town because the lasting image and impression of his time here was from the stationary bike. We never appreciated him the way that we should've. 

Let's not do that to Justin Fields. I want him to play week 1, but ONLY if we all agree to be patient with him and be nice and understanding of a rookie QB learning on the fly and dealing with some protection issues. If we can all agree to that. If we can all agree to have an open mind and just be cool for once then let's start Fields. We'll be his collective hype crew. His sports psychologist. Be in his corner no matter what and if things go badly this year lets just blame Matt Nagy because whatever Cutler says about that…I think he's wrong. 

We broke all of this down towards the end of Redline Radio yesterday. Last show in the old office.