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Start Your Memorial Day Weekend With A Pep Talk From The New King Of The Jersey Shore

As a kid who hasn‘t missed a Memorial Day Weekend at the Jersey Shore in almost a decade this video almost made me shed tears like Knoshown Moreno during the national anthem. This man absolutely REFUSES to be denied his MDW at the Jersey Shore. Simply won‘t take no for an answer. Whether Mother Nature acts up or not he’s bringing the heat all god damn weekend at D’jais in Belmar and pumping his fist like the jerk off that he is and there’s not a god damn thing that anyone or anything can do about it(Shoutout my guy Rico Bosco #Ryder4L). 

This is the inspiration not only I needed but we all needed. You only live once people. Don’t let something as silly as weather fuck up your game plan. Just execute the playbook and become a champion. This guy‘s probably got so many championship rings from D’jais it would make ya fucking head spin. I’m gonna consume so many double vodka red bulls this weekend in this guys honor. I don’t want to be at the Jersey Shore this weekend I NEED to be at the Jersey Shore this weekend. This guy‘s not taking no for an answer and god damnit neither am I. Everyone stay safe and have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend. God bless.