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Spittin' Chiclets Is Going International

So we've got four special guests today. We've got the Spittin' Chiclets guys joining us. The Chiclets guys are definitely one of the favorite Barstool Sports brands. Erika works super closely with these guys and we just love everything that they're about. They're wickedly funny and very humble despite being a monster of a brand, not only in hockey, but with golf, streaming, and so much more. Surprisingly Biz is the driving force behind that too - he really stepped in and thought, "why stop at just a podcast?"

In our episode with Whit, Biz, Grinnell, & RA, we talk everything from hockey, to the growth they've seen with their podcast, to fighting with Troopz about soccer, and wrap up with the big things coming from Chiclets in the future. Yes we know the couch set up is ridiculous. 

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