It's Time To Ring That Bell. It's Time To Ring That Championship Bell.

You heard James Caan aka Coach Sam Winters. It's time to ring that bell. It's time to ring that championship bell!

It's officially championship night. Nobody thought we'd be here besides Reags and I. It wasn't easy but we found a way to overcome some really good teams and just survive and advance. 

When we walked out of the studio after punching our ticket, you could feel the shock in the air throughout the office. Nobody thought The Yak could be beat (even after we beat Minihane) and after we did people finally started telling us we were for real. Except for the ever-positive Chicago guys. They told me we were "lucky" once again and that everybody's played their worst games against us. They have a funny way of showing support but that's why I love them.

Tonight we go up against our toughest opponents yet, The Honkers. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried. 

Yes, I played my worst game of the tournament the other night, hopefully, I got that out of my system because Reags' back has got to be killing him from carrying us. 

It's been a tournament run for the ages. Hopefully we don't run out of gas tonight.

Ding. Mother fuckin. Dong.