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Half of a Texas School is Suspended Over the Tamest Senior Prank of All Time

Source -  Half the graduating class at a Texas high school was suspended and had their senior privileges revoked over a prank that involved sticking plastic forks into the school field, a local news outlet said.

About 40 students were involved altogether – but some went into Comfort High School at night and spread balloons and plastic wrap inside, News 4 San Antonio reported.

Oh, the humanity. I know that "thoughts and prayers" is a cliche and just empty words at a time like this. But it's all we can offer the good people of Comfort, Texas in these troubled times. I mean, just look at the devastation from these cruel, heartless evildoers:

Not since the sacking of Rome has any group of Vandals done so much damage. Plasticware sticking out of the grass? A "For Sale" sign in front of the school? A deer head on the wall made askew? Rearranged furniture and balloons? Balloons, mind you! 

I mean, what else could the administration do, exactly? It's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out with a spork or steps on a balloon and falls down. Were they supposed to pull the forks out of the ground? Take the sign down. Straighten out the head? Pop the balloons? You ask the impossible. Their hands were tied. Wrongdoing like this cannot go unpunished. These pranksters have to be made an example of. You need a zero tolerance policy or the Class of 2022 might escalate things. And the next think you know you're dealing with streamers or pencils in the ceiling tiles or Silly String. In other words, total anarchy. 

Naturally, the parents don't see it that way. To them, this was all just harmless fun. Because all they care about are their own precious little snowflakes and don't know the first damned thing about the importance of maintaining discipline:

Serves them right. They should consider themselves fortunate they were not expelled after such heinous and cruel gag. Just because your senior year of high school is usually the funnest, most carefree year of your life and their last year has all been pandemic, fear, and remote learning is no excuse. This is no time for pranks, chicanery, or tomfoolery of any kind. Allow just one plastic spoon in the turf and before you know it? Total anarchy. 

Senior class shenanigans are meant to be cheeky and fun. The Comfort High School Class of 2021's shenanigans were cruel and tragic.  Which makes them not really shenanigans at all. Evil shenanigans. I'm glad someone is showing these miscreants what being an adult is all about.