John Tavares Being Back On The Ice Already Pretty Much Guarantees A Cup Run In Toronto

You don't think that seeing Captain Johnny back on the ice is going to pack a little extra juice for the lineup tonight trying to close out Montreal? Think again, hombre. I'm not the biggest gambler in the world but if I were, I'd being loading up on Toronto puck line. 

In fact, the only way that Toronto doesn't close out the series tonight after Tavares was back on the ice for practice is if they just want to give him a little more time to recover so he doesn't have to miss out on the next series. Drag this series against the Habs out to a game 6 and then have 91 back out there for the opening puck drop in round 2. 

Between Spezza and Thornton getting themselves on the scoresheet and now the Tavares comeback, I don't know how you can't root for the Leafs in these Stanley Cup Playoffs. I mean I know exactly how you can't, considering they're the Leafs, but you know what I'm saying. Before it was just natural to root for a choke job coming out of Toronto. Now you actively have to be a heartless bastard to wish that upon this roster. 

But yeah. Awesome to see Tavares back out there already after the way things looked last week. The human brain is a wild thing and I'm just glad it looks like Johnny T's is doing well all things considered.