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I Guess You Can Call The 29th Annual Tour De Shore A Rousing Success


For those of you unfamiliar with Tour De Shore, it’s essentially a Sunday full of savagery. Once a year the quiet, family town of Avalon, NJ sinks down to the degenerate depths of its sister cities of SIC and Wildwood with a bunch of drunks dressing up and taking over the streets. Apparently there’s a scavenger hunt with prizes to help mask the event with some civility, but I can’t attest to how well that’s put together. All I know is on one Summer Sunday a year from noon till night, hell is unleashed.

Here are some of the highlights.

This guy didn’t say 2 words the entire day. Just rocked out the sax like nothing else mattered and got kicked out of every bar he entered at least 5 times. Every time he’d sneak back in and sax it out like nothing happened.


And the band played on.

Pope giving out Communion. Sacrilicous.


Hulkster back at it. Finally stepped it up on the shirt rip after the un-American effort on the 4th.

Ric Flair had himself a night which ended beautifully with a popped knee. WOOOOOOO! (That last picture is so sad it’s hysterical).



Ducks fly together.





KISS going white man HAM on the dance floor. Tough to be in the zone when you are the zone.

Then of course you got Chico’s Bail Bond’s finest. If there were any scrap heaps man enough to challenge us on the sandlot would have gotten rolled.

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Shit video, but you know it’s a good day when you’re throwing darts in the middle of the street to Captain America. Right down the chute for the backwards K. Don’t discount the strike out call by Blue behind the plate. All about the effort. (Anyone there filming that has a better angle of that scene shoot it over ASAP.)

PS – Left my mitt at the bar. Not happy.

UPDATE: Shark wranglers sent in some decent thoughts:


Top 5 moments that I remember:

1 – Hall & Oates in WB DJ booth

2 – The squirrel returning confused to the table he left to pick up his nut that he forgot

3 – Receiving the Eucharist at the Rockin Chair and everything about the Catholic clergy crew

4 – the back of the women’s Cosby shirts

5 – the Sax bro trying to enter random cars in motion on 21st