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If This Knicks Fan Spit At Trae Young, He Should Be Banned From Madison Square Garden For Life

So this video is going super viral today because it appears some scumbag spit at Trae Young. I say appears because you can't really see what happens, but it sure as shit looks like a mask is pulled down followed by some sort of spit flying.

I've long said that if you spit at somebody, they should be allowed to take a full swing directly at your face. There are a handful of human fluids that are worse to be hit with than spit, but there is something about spitting at someone that makes it more aggressive and disrespectful than most of those fluids. If you spit at something during a worldwide pandemic, they should be allowed to take a full swing directly at your face with a baseball bat. And if you spit at somebody with 50 Cent, his lady friend, and Julianne Moore in the Splash Zone of your loogie (which is a Mad Libs sentence if I've ever seen one), you should either have to fight 3-on-1 against G Unit as Mark Wahlberg waits in the wings while dressed as Dirk Diggler dressed as Brock Landers.

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Knicks fans finally can have a sense of pride again, most of the country is rooting for us because they feel happy/bad/don't hate us yet, and this dingleberry may have done something like this? For shame. James Dolan has kicked out people for a hell of a lot less and we know Big Brother is always watching at The Garden. If it comes out that this asshole did indeed spit at Trae, ban him from MSG. I don't care if you send him to Siberia to do hard labor, to Philly to do scumbag shit, or to James Dolan's house to be his butler. Just get his ass out of The Garden for good and block his house from getting all MSG networks because Knicks fans do not claim him. Yankees fans may still, but Knicks fans do not.