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Let Us All Look Back in Awe at Adam Vinatieri's Positively Bonkers Appearance on Letterman

Let's put aside for a second that the greatest kicker in NFL history celebrated his first of four Super Bowl titles by going on David Letterman and booting footballs into the night sky over midtown Manhattan. 

Instead, let's just imagine you had a time machine. And that current you got to visit 2002 you to describe what the world will be like in 19 years. How would you explain this? "So in 2021, Adam Vinatieri will just be retiring, with the NFL's all time records for points, field goals and postseason points. Letterman will look like he's spent the last three years as a castaway on a deserted island and have an interview show on something called a 'streaming service.' And the other guy? Um ... you wouldn't believe me if I told you. You'll just have to see for yourself." Thanks to Barstool Founding Father Uncle Buck for saving this clip for two decades. 

As a bonus, here is arguably my favorite play-by-play call of all time. At the very least, the 1B to the 1A of "Do you believe in miracles?" This gets me every time. It's like video pepper spray.

And since I'm already welling up, here are the tributes from the men who helped bring him into the league (Bill Belichick was on Bill Parcells' staff) as a UDFA 25 years ago. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to stop here and go compose myself. It's not every day that the GOAT of his profession, to whom you owe so much, calls it a career. 

P.S. I'm guessing Letterman and Trump don't hang out the way they used to.