Dallas Braden Asked A’s President Dave Kaval About The Future Of The Team After His Suggestive Tweet

Tuesday's Starting 9 Episode was a heavy hitter. The news everyone in the baseball world is paying attention to is the situation with the Oakland A's and where their next home will be. Athletics' President Dave Kaval sent out a pretty cryptic tweet while in Vegas for a "fact-finding mission". Dallas and Jared had him on the podcast and were able to get Kaval to explain what message he was trying to get across when he sent the tweet.

Dallas: Dave, lets just get right to it because last night as A's fans are watching their green and gold do battle with the Seattle Mariners at the Coliseum knowing that the front office is on this fact-finding mission to try to continue to educate themselves on the best possible move to make. There was....there was a tweet that you sent out and If I'm being honest when I first caught wind of the tweet, saw the tweet, initially my response was or my thought was "Dude's having a great time, look at the energy in that barn, that stadium that they're in, the place that they're in, the facility. He's having a great time because of the energy he's surrounded by and knowing you, knowing the conversations we've had, I had to believe and I thought initially which I still do believe, this is coming from a place where he wants this energy in Oakland. And he knows it can exist there in Oakland and he right know is probably really fucking excited about the energy he's feeling and thinking about this being present in Oakland. 

Dave Kaval: Our fans deserve that type of experience and they deserve a venue that can offer that. I've done everything in my power over the last 5 years to make that happen. We're hopeful that can happen in Oakland at the waterfront. But it's out of our control, obviously it has to be approved by the city council. In many ways what people need to understand is when people see a tweet or an interaction, I'm communicating not only to our fans but I'm also communicating to the elected leaders in Oakland to understand "Hey, it's go time. We're in the 9th inning and we need to see if this thing can happen."

It's a super interesting conversation where Kaval puts everything on the table, he tells Dallas like it is and you have to respect that. It can't be easy to talk about a subject like this, especially when a whole fanbase is wondering where if their favorite team is going to stay home or not. A really good, in-depth interview with the man who holds the franchise in the palm of his hand. Jared and Dallas also unveil their Mount Rushmore for the Seattle Mariners franchise, talk about Jacob deGrom coming back, and the Padres, Rays, Yankees and Dodgers hot streaks.

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