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People Who Constantly Use “Cringe” and “Oof” Are Usually the Absolute Worst, But For Bryson DeChambeau Here I’ll Make An Exception

I’d say at this point in pretty much any comment sections, mentions or replies of any video/thing that goes viral you’re gonna see the words “cringe” and “oof”. Let me make no mistake about it, if you are one of those people you are a bonafide LOSER. The people who regularly say it, drop it like it‘s some sort of incredible burn. Like it‘s an atomic bomb ready to wipe out the entire world due to even the second hand embarrassment of seeing someone post a piece of content and then seeing “Cringey” or “oof” in the comments. I’m here to tell you people PSA style, it’s among the laziest, most horrendous disses you can possibly dish out to someone. No creativity. No wit or brains to it. No topical references of any sort. Just a whole lot of emptiness. Like tossing a grenade at someone with no TNT. Just a big blob of nothing. HOWEVER, in certain occasions I will allow it, if a piece of content is just unanimously accepted as awful. This meme/attempted burn by Bryson DeChambeau passes the test. 

Tom Brady is unanimously accepted as the GOAT at this point. I personally threw in my white towel of Brady hate after the comeback against Atlanta but there is absolutely no disputing 7 Super Bowls, especially getting the last without Belichick. With that being said I totally get he’s a tough guy to diss. He’s good looking, rich, successful and has a smoking hot wife. Hard to roast a guy like that. But this???? At Barstool we’re privileged to have probably the best meme team in the entire internet universe, but that was a putrid effort. Trying WAY to hard to go at something that really doesn’t matter, especially considering he won a Super Bowl the same season as the suspension. In conclusion I have a few suggestions. 

1) He’s certainly made enough money hitting golf balls in his life to hire his own meme team to help him in internet battles like this. 

2) He should never and I mean, NEVER take matters like this into his own hands because he is incredibly unfunny and lacks wit. 

3) Something as simple as responding ”Didn’t you lose to this guy??” with any of the 7,000 pictures of Eli Manning looking stupid in the face and/or sporting a big time dad bod on the beach. Shit, even just this gif with no words would have been better than the diss he came back with. 

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Be better Bryson. Be better.