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Today In Jerruh's World: Ben McAdoo Has Been Hired By The Dallas Cowboys As A Consultant

Benny with the good hair is heading down to Big D as a consultant! What a sentence that was to write! What is Benny Mac consulting? It could be offensive football or the best cheeses to pair with smoked meats. I'm not sure. Nonetheless, I have no choice but to believe this hiring is the result of karma after Cowboys fans spent the last year laughing at Giants fans for hiring their ex-coach followed by one of those signature claps.

I know NFL teams don't usually hold press conferences when hiring a consultant, but I need Jerry Jones to fly in from whatever ocean his yacht currently is residing is for Memorial Day Weekend to see him react to Ben McAdoo speaking in real time. Not only that, but I need the TV networks to include McAdoo when they do the split screen of Jerruh and Mike McCarthy, which will be hilarious until when McCarthy is fired in 10 years after 3 or so playoff appearances without a title.

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For what it's worth, I am convinced to this day that Ben McAdoo would've been a perfectly fine coach if he didn't sell out his morals and the Football Gods by going from a haircut that looked like he cut himself as he led the Giants to their last playoff appearance to the Pat Riley Showtime Lakers haircut as he led us to directly football hell. But he did cut that hair, lost any semblance of football magic in his body, and now is a man whose entire Giants legacy is his bad lettuce, oversized suit, benching Iron Man Eli for Geno fucking Smith, and being the most bloggable coach I will ever encounter in my life.

God damn those were some wild times that led to the most beautiful shirt ever to grace the Barstool Store.

And now your Moment of Ben: