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Cats Are Evil And They Are Always Plotting Against Humans

Let me start by saying there's only one cat I like and his name is Dan Katz.

Watch the video above, a dog would NEVER disrespect their own by turning off their console. I won't accept the opinion that the cat was oblivious to what the power button did. Cats are evil and they are always plotting against humans. 

Exhibit B:

No shot this cat did this accidentally. I bet Frankie forgot to put out some catnip and his cat got the last laugh.

If you can't tell, I'm not a cat guy. There have been very few cats I have ever tolerated in my life. To me, a good cat acts like a dog. So why don't you just get a dog!? The only acceptable counterpoint here is that cats are much less work and that's a very fair point. You can't put a price on the time savings to train a cat versus a dog.

Whenever I see a cat, I can never tell if it's friendly or not. With a dog, you know immediately whether it wants to kill you or if it wants to cuddle up and be your best friend. 98.49% of dogs that I have encountered are the latter, they just wanna vibe and get pet.

As always, Dogs > Cats.