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This Idea For Auntie Anne's To Become A Drive-Thru Restaurant Is Groundbreaking


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My mouth is watering…It's literally fucking watering. There's a waterfall going on over here. The Auntie Anne's/Mall relationship is an interesting thing. As the tweet states I've literally ONLY SEEN Auntie Anne's in every Mall I've ever been in and nowhere else and in turn if you don't go to the mall you don't get the pleasure of Auntie Anne's. I'm literally one of those people that's suffering as, if we're being honest, I haven't trekked to my local mall (S/O Roosevelt Field) in quite some time due to the fact that Amazon fucks and I no longer have to walk around there to see girls like I'm in the 8th grade. 

Do I miss the mall at all? Of course not. But you know what i do miss? I miss Auntie Anne's and frankly Mrs. Fields cookies as well. Another iconic mall restaurant- if you haven't a slice of Mrs. Fields cookie pizza you are MISSING OUT. But back to Auntie Anne's! This bassbutterfly on twitter is on to something! Obviously a brick and mortar Auntie Anne's would be fucking sweet- no reason why their Anne's delectable pretzels can't stand on their own next to the Colonel's chicken or Wendy's Burgers. Or how about even an Auntie Anne's ghost chicken that's strictly for delivery? Now THAT would be awesome. 

I'm not the biggest weed guy but I'd assume an Auntie Anne's pretzel while stoney boloney is up there with the most orgasmic experiences one can have.