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It's Malarky The NBA Is Warning The Nuggets About Jamal Murray Being Too Intense On The Bench, We Need More Shit Talking ASAP

What the fuck is this? Needing an injured star to calm down on the sidelines? That's the biggest piece of malarky I've ever seen. Since when is it wrong for someone to yell at an opposing team from the bench? We need more of this. In fact we need BASEketball rules, allowing distractions and encouraging shit talking. I'm very pro shit talking anyways and you should absolutely be allowed to do it if you're injured. You can't help that you have a torn ACL. You gotta support the team. 

Giphy Images.

Who doesn't want more of this? 

If I'm a coach or a player I want one of my stars to be this enthusiastic. The man is trying to do what he can without being on there. Some shit talking, some antics? Big deal. If he's not on the court interrupting play, I say let him do whatever he wants. I bet Adam Silver wouldn't have a problem if this was LeBron. We've already seen him get a pass with the fine that Kristaps got. 

I say let Murray go behind the basket on free throws and deliver some Squeaks jokes.