Doesn’t Matter If The Lakers Won They Are Still In TROUBLE

This may be the ugliest game in the history of NBA Playoff basketball. We’re talking Coyote Ugly. 

It’s almost as if Frank Vogel realized the only way the Lakers stand a chance is to turn this game into a mud brawl. It started in the first minute with AD literally KICKING Jae Crowder in the nuts. Like, actually booting him in the nads. 

And it got progressively uglier all half. 

How ugly?

Lakers went 4-19 and the Suns went 2-9 from 3. It was a brick fest. A fucking brick fest.  Phoenix committed 9 turnovers in the first half alone. GROSS. 

Devin Booker had one of the worst first halves of the year for him. 3-8 for 12 points and missing shots he hardly ever misses. He had the worst +/- of any Suns player in the first half. 

And like you might have expected… Chris Paul IS banged up.  He was not the same CP3 who is a legit MVP candidate all year. That shoulder injury is bothering him and how much it affects him moving forward will 100% dictate this series. 

Of course, another element we can count on is the Zebras who love the LA Lakers like their own children. How bad you ask? Jae Crowder got 2 fouls in the first minute of the game and one of those was the shot he took to the nuts from Anthony Davis that the refs reviewed and said “yeah that checks out”. 

Because of this, Lebron continued his same world-class acting bullshit. 

Despite literally everything falling in Los Angeles’ favor? They were only up 6 at half.

Ruh roh. 

And then I put this video up.

WORLD CLASS MUSH. Immediately the Lakers went on a 10-1 run. Hahaha. 

The Lakers seemed at any point in the 3rd quarter to be, I don’t know, 30 points up? I mean it didn’t seem close. But somehow, some way, it actually was. The Suns kept creeping closer and closer. 

And halfway through the fourth quarter, Cam Payne, the man who got ejected on a bullshit call in Game 1 came through with his third 3 of the quarter and they caught up.

Jesus Christ what an ugly game. Zebras screwing the Suns left and right, and STILL the Lakers couldn’t pull away. 

And it got ASS CLENCHING tight in the final 3 minutes. Lead swapping back and forth like a teeter totter. 

And just as Cam Payne got hot, CP3 stayed on the bench and the Suns got wild like a few college girls at Lake Havasu. Out of fucking control. 

A couple of huge missteps and some crucial and timely threes by the Lakers took ALL of the air out of the building. But even though the Lakers pulled out a win in Phoenix, stealing home court, I don’t think this bodes well for LA moving forward. Phoenix shot TERRIBLY from 3 (31%) mostly because Devin Booker was ice cold from deep and Jae Crowder was forced to take tough contested threes. He’s now 1-13 from 3 in this series. Ouch. Only three Suns players had double digit points and you can’t win if that happens. 

Gotta give it to that wily man Frank Vogel for taking his rotations and like a snow globe, just shaking it ALL up. We saw Marc Gasol get 20 minutes after sitting his ass on the bench ALL of game 1, Markieff Morris, and to his credit, benched Montrezl Harrell for the entire game. 

I felt comfortable all game with how the Suns kept hanging around and you know what? Even at halftime, I thought the Lakers were in trouble.  I was wrong. Credit to me for admitting that because the Lakers did win tonight. I might have been responsible for this loss so in the future I might not be predicting any games I’m worrying about mushing. 

Credit to me also for having the ability to make fun of myself and stand in my bad takes and take the criticism like a woman. 

Anthony Davis said postgame that he knew this was a must-win and they got a win they desperately needed on the road. 

Game 3 will be VERY VERY interesting and I cannot wait to see how Phoenix responds back in LA. Even with this win, if I were the Lakers I would be . Schroder put up 24 with 50/40/100 tonight which WILL NOT happen and Devin Booker in contrast went 0% from 3 which moving forward will also NOT happen.