Basically your textbook minor league fuck you fest that turned into an all out war tonight. Story goes there was some shit talking one inning. Then the next inning someone on Fort Wayne struck out. More shit was talked. Catcher said fuck you then next thing you know we got a good old fashioned fistacuff. Honestly I'm surprised guys in the minor leagues actually care enough to fight each other. You're in the minor leagues. I just assumed everyone was on the same wavelength that it's not a big deal if you win or lose provided you individually get to the next level. I was wrong. 

Nice thing is you get to see some clean contact on a baseball field finally. And I don't mean that as some layered joke about strikeout rates. I'm talking about pure punching dudes in the face. You rarely see that shit happen and even if you do, it's over instantly. This was like one extended battle royale complete with fireworks and bloodshed. You never get that far in baseball because it's typically a game played by unnaturally sensitive men. These aren't guys that actually want to punch you in the face. 

Then again the game keeps changing and maybe that means more midgame fights. Certainly makes for a more interesting storyline if we're changing pitchers every 5th inning. Not complaining just saying we could break up the pitching changes a little more fluidly if you had the starting pitchers beat the shit out of each other. Maybe not great for Kyle Hendricks and Zach Davies but Arrieta would win the Cy Young on this contest alone. Fire it up Rob.