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I Am Beefing With Kirk Minihane


And I will be going on his show tomorrow to discuss. The general rundown is that after he got absolutely worked by my team The Misfits in our dozen match he decided to take his ball and go home crying and leave right away before the match was even over, instead of going through the rest of the questions like every other team did after they lost (not to mention the fact he was on skype in the first place becasue he was "to busy" to take a train to New York for one single day for the taping of it). A week after the episode aired he apparently needed ratings/show materiel so he went into his playbook and ran the "say something inflammatory about a Barstool employee in hopes they respond so I can drag it out on my show for a month" play. In this instance he said he hoped I died of stage 4 pancriatic cancer 

I bit the bait, responded and got into a twitter back and forth with Kirk & the minifans which led to him texting me asking to come on the show which I said yes to. Mission accomplished for Kirk, I'm a company man and will play ball, but that isn't why I wrote this blog. The real reason I wrote this blog is to promote the video on top because I will be damned if Kirk is going to get ratings and views from this beef and I'm not. This is the final prelim of the obstacle course, the finals will be held Tomorrow at 2pm before Stool Streams Cornhole. Go make your picks on the PlayBarstool app. Is tomorrow the day the Fleming Curse ends?