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The "Local Market" Hats From New Era Were So Bad They've Already Been Removed From Their Website

I've never seen a brand get bullied like New Era just got bullied. They released their line of "Local Market" hats and boy oh boy did they stink. I didn't see one positive reaction online to them, Joey blogged them just a few minutes ago and the ink on his blog wasn't even dry before they got taken offline. Somewhere someone in a suit is kicking themselves for even giving that idea a thumbs up. Every single one was bad, like every one. They were all too busy, too much going on, and they didn't even look remotely good, and now they're gone.

Who wants all these area codes on their hat? What am I, Ludacris? Why would anyone have purchased these? Thank god they gave us a chance to wear a hat with tons of numbers on it. 

A taco on the back? Are we just throwing items onto hats and calling it a day? And for $40? I don't want a damn taco on my hat, state outline, come on New Era. This was a huge swing and a miss and now they're gone, hopefully forever. It looked like someone who had just discovered clipart and the paste button. Good riddance, we hardly knew you, Local Market Line. Might have been the worst product ever released. See ya.