Now That We Can Go To Baseball Games Again It's Important To Remember NO FIGHTING IN THE BLEACHERS

This is a classic theme around Barstool Chicago that every now and again you have to remind people about and that's okay. I don't pretend to remember everything anyone has told me but this one's actually important. So we're going to circle back one more time with just a friendly reminder there's no fighting in the bleachers. At least not at Wrigley Field. That's poor form guys. We've been down this path. 

But who am I to expect that to hold true at Guaranteed Rate Field? A complete moron. That's just being dumb to even suggest but same time I'm not really doing my job if I don't circle back on the chaos from last night and remind you guys to cool it in the bleachers even if this wasn't technically in the bleachers 


The raw crack of the fist into the face is a notable sound. Like a well struck driving iron on a short par 4 except it's a collision of human bone and flesh. Credit to the guy wearing it for just peacefully grabbing his shirt and leaving. I think everyone heard that sound and wanted to go home. 

And while we're here, I don't think anyone has given Illini Baseball Jersey Guy proper credit in this fight:

That's a guy who saw someone get their skull smashed in with a brick 15 years ago and has since spent his life breaking up fights with strangers. YOU DON'T WANT TO DO THIS...IT'S NOT WORTH IT.... it's always good to have a bunch of those guys walking around White Sox games. You never know when shit's going to get very real. Sounds like there will be more on the way.

Bob & Weave guys. Don't get caught with your hands down. And most importantly no fighting in the bleachers.