Billy Eichner Revealed That He Got His 'Parks And Recreation' Role Through A Direct Message On Twitter

On today's Pardon My Take... BILLY EICHNER! The actor joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss "Parks and Recreation," his new movie, "Bros," the time he tweeted a picture of a football, and much more. Speaking of "Parks and Rec," the way that Eichner landed his role as Craig Middlebrooks in the sitcom is really interesting - and it all happened on Twitter. I'll let him and the rest of the crew explain the rest of this story:

Mr. Cat: Your career is so fascinating, did I read it correctly that you got your part on "Parks and Rec" through a DM, a Twitter DM?

Billy Eichner: That is 100% accurate. 

Mr. Cat: That's crazy. 

Billy Eichner: I was doing Billy on the Street and starting to get known for that online and on social media. It was a TV series, but we would pull the clips from it and put it online, and that's where it really took off. And Mike Schur, who's a TV writing, producing genius, who made "Parks and Rec," and "The Good Place," and a lot of wonderful shows, he DM's me out of nowhere on Twitter. 

Billy Eichner: This is probably going back to 2012 or something, maybe 2013, something like that. And he said, "Hey, Billy, it's Mike Schur, we're all big fans of yours on "Billy On The Street," and "Parks and Rec," I think we have a part for you on the show. And I was like, "What?!" I was like, "I have agents and managers and lawyers and all of these people, and I ultimately ended up getting the first scripted show I'd ever done, as you know, from a DM on Twitter.  

This is an awesome story. It really is crazy that Billy Eichner had a long list of people in his corner trying to get him jobs, and all of a sudden, someone slides into your DM's, and BOOM! You now have a role on one of the most popular television shows out there. Great stuff. Be sure to check out this interview in its entirety on today's episode!