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Unleash Your Inner Billy Madison - Knockout City Is A Must Try Game With Your Squad

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In a time where it felt like we needed a break from all the intense video games, Knockout City was released and it is a ton of fun to play with your friends. To make it even better, the game has a free trial for the first 10 days of the game's release (May 21st - May 30th). Knockout City is cross-compatible and available on all platforms.

About Knockout City

It's 3v3 dodgeball where each player gets 2 hits per life and the team that eliminates 10 players first wins the game. Each series is best of 3 games. 5 dodgeballs spawn throughout the map with (1) special dodgeball.

(5) Special Dodgeballs:

- Multi Ball - Gives the player 3 balls simultaneously (feels overpowered)

- Bomb Ball - The dodgeball starts a timer when picked up and becomes a bomb. Be careful not to hold onto this one for too long!

- Sniper Ball - Has the shape of a Football and takes the longest time to fully charge as a throw (by holding throw button, L2 on PS, on your controller), but has INSANE velocity when thrown at full charge. If thrown without charge, it has a windy path that can confuses opponents.

- Moon Ball - Grants the player the ability to defy gravity and jump higher than any other player. If you successful hit an opponent with the Moon Ball, it will send them flying backwards.

- Cage Ball - If this ball successfully hits an opponent, it will put them into a circular shape. This player can then be thrown at his own team for a one hit KO or you can throw the caged player off the map for an instant KO.

By pressing different movement buttons (Playstation - Triangle, O, Square), you can throw the ball at different speeds with different flight paths to trick your opponents. If you are ball-less, your best chance at defense is to catch upcoming dodgeballs by pressing L2 as the ball is approaching (again, Playstation controls, LT for Xbox). You can't spam the catch button because there is a cooldown. Watch below for some gameplay:

Now who doesn't want to play dodgeball with the boys!? If you're still hesitant about trying it out, I'll be streaming tonight with Smitty and Braindead Bernie. Join chat below!