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Not Sure How To Recover From This Devastating Heckler At A Delco Slow Pitch Softball Game

[Two Quick Observations: 1) We're playing with every team in the league so I play where they allow me to play. In this case: Catcher. SS or LF if there's a choice but I'll play wherever the team needs, including left bench. 2) Dad Bod comes with the Dad Strength. Not good for anyone.] 

Burned. Buried. Dead. 

Not too sure how to come back from that one. Even before this specimen started to eviscerate me I could smell the stench of multiple parole violations and a gambling debt that's been passed down generations coming from behind the backstop. And then it hit me with an accent that might as well have been from a pedophilia suspect from Mare Of Easttown: 


Allegedly. Whadya gonna do? Just gotta wear it in this league of degenerate. I guess if I were soaked in rum I would be considered Delco Royalty. Seriously. 

As for the rest of the weekend, 2 games played, 2 10+ run victories had. Good times had by most. Especially by the one team I played for whose manager went by the name of "Key Bump". True story. 

Usually I say Never Go Full Hardo, but it's not only legal in this league. It's encouraged. 

Rone and myself went into more detail on this week's First Time, Long Time. We'll hang up and listen. 

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