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Mid-Major Teams Apparently Have No Idea The Internet Exists, Stupidly Threaten To Not Play Certain Teams So Their Players Won't Transfer

There are a ton of dumb things in college sports, but I've never seen something this dumb. It can't be real, it just can't. Whatever coach is all pissed about this and leaked it to Rothstein has to either not know the Internet exists or simply isn't smart. Let's think about this for a second. First, you don't need to play high-major teams for them to get guys to transfer to their school. There's this thing called the Internet and Synergy where every game is on there. Pretty sure you can't stop taping games. Second, there are handlers and assistant coaches and high school coaches and AAU coaches and everyone else that can help direct them there. Not playing high major teams does absolutely nothing. 

Oh let's not forget the money the mid-major school gets from this. Buy games are important to athletic departments across the country. You think an AD will listen to a coach try to tell them to not take money? In college athletics. Yeah, good thought process there. This is basically the same as a high-major program saying they won't play on TV so the NBA can't scout their underclassmen. Transfers happen, big deal. It's part of college sports. You overrecruit kids, kids transfer for other reasons, shit happens. 

I don't want, I need to be in an athletic director's meeting when a coach tells him they aren't going to play high-major teams. Need to see the AD's face. Also, they just not going to play in any Tournaments? Pretty sure you play high-majors in the NCAA Tournament or in Battle 4 Atlantis or any other tournament. Dumbest thing ever.