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The Big Screamin’ Honkers Move On To The Dozen Semi-Finals

A few months ago after I was hired, I was asked if I wanted to take part in The Dozen Trivia. I immediately jumped at the opportunity with no idea whose team I would be on or what I was getting myself into. Somehow I was placed on The Big Screamin’ Honkers as the 3rd member alongside Coley and Robbie Fox to replace Jared Carrabis.

Our chemistry instantly clicked even though I had not met either one of my teammates in person. The Honkers became an instant fan favorite over night. We jumped up in the rankings thanks to beating The Experts (Brandon Walker, PFT Commenter) twice and the fan favorite voting. We ended up with the #4 seed in the inaugural Dozen Tourney and got a key 1st round bye.

Right when I saw the draw, I knew it was inevitable there would be a 3rd showdown against The Experts who added Fran to their strong team. They defeated Uptown Balls in their 1st match to set up the quarterfinal showdown last night.

I was brought into Barstool as the Ole Miss guy to counter Brandon Walker's Mississippi State and the rivalry has extended away from the football field to the ping pong table, trivia, exercise and gambling picks as we work together on Picks Central daily (11:55 EST Barstool Sportsbook YouTube channel). 

Brandon is extremely knowledgable and passionate about The Dozen and all year long he has declared that it was “his show”. There was a lot of chirping and build up to last night’s match. Could The Honkers beat a good team a third time?

The match was a heavyweight battle that felt like a championship game. It went back and forth to the end. Brandon got me in the college football category when I missed Cedric Benson being the all time Big 12 leading rusher and he got CJ Spiller as ACC all time all purpose yards leader.

However I totally redeemed myself getting a South Carolina geography question and our fearless leader Coley closed the match late for The Honkers to move on to the semifinals tonight!

After the match, we had a few words for Brandon Walker.

No time to celebrate our victory as the semifinal match against a good Generation XYZ squad (Large, Jake Marsh, Vibbs) airs tonight at 7:00. Can The Honkers move onto the finals of The Dozen? Find out tonight!

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