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"Whoever Is Calling Me Brooksy Needs To Get Out Of Here"- Bryson During A PGA Championship Practice Round

Oh boy! Things just keep getting better and better between these two. This is EXACTLY what the game of golf needs: two meatheads (albeit very different meatheads) who can't stand each other. It makes for great theater. People are now digging up videos from the PGA Championship after the video of Brooks rolling his eyes at Bryson went viral last night. Looks like that video above is from a practice round judging by the shorts. People are obviously starting to pick sides at this point and I'm very much just here for the chaos. Right now it's a heavyweight title fight between Brooks and Bryson for the top spot in the Player Impact Program Rankings. Who's gonna get that 8 million bucks? Anybody's game at this point.

I will say, the worst way for Bryson to get people to stop calling him Brooksy is to tell people to stop calling him Brooksy. That's Trolling 101 which is what makes Bryson's involvement in his beef with Brooks fascinating. Bryson does not know how to handle a guy like Brooks and Brooks Koepka fans. Brooks love to troll and he's very good at it. Brooks fans love to troll. Trying to get them to stop trolling is going to have the opposite effect. But once again, I do not think Bryson has the ability to gain self awareness outta nowhere which is why I think this rivalry is here to stay. Golf fans are the real winners here.