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Andrew Yang Said His Favorite Subway Station Is Times Square, Arguably the Worst Place on Earth

In his latest attempt to seem relatable in a bid to become mayor of New York City, Andrew Yang was interviewed by Showtime's Ziwe. She asked a series of questions about New York, including a relatively easy one: "What's your favorite subway station?"

Now I will admit, I have never encountered this question before and don't know what I'd say if somebody asked me. My mind immediately went to the station I get off at to go home, which is the logic Yang said he used when he answered it. But the problem is that Yang's station to get home is Times Square.

I don't want to be one of those people who lives in New York City for a little while and then tries to be some sort of hipster and hate everything that could be considered touristy or whatever, but you absolutely cannot say that. The only place worse than Times Square above ground is Times Square below ground. The 42nd Street subway station is truly one of the worst places you could ever hope to spend more than five minutes.

And again, this is a weird question, given the fact that all subway stations suck to different degrees. But all you have to do is take approximately five seconds and think of a different subway station and just make up something you like about it.

"I like riding the ridiculously long escalator at Hudson Yards."

"The Oculus at the World Trade Center looks cool."

That's it. But nope, Yang wanted everyone to know how much he loves traversing the cesspool that is the underbelly of one of the grossest places on Earth. A swing and a miss, to be sure.

He and Michael Scott would probably really like hanging out in NYC together, though.

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