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Taika Waititi's 3-Way Make Out Sesh with Rita Ora and Tessa Thompson After an All Night Rager is Proof It's Good to Be a Celebrity

Daily Mail -  Rita Ora and her boyfriend Taika Waititi's relationship appeared to be hotting up as they packed on the PDA and put on a cosy display with Tessa Thompson on Sunday.

The singer, 30, was seen smiling and leaning in for a kiss from her director beau, 45, while relaxing outside with the actress, 37, following an all-night party at Taika's home in Sydney. 

In pictures obtained exclusively by MailOnline, the trio appeared to be in great spirits as they wrapped their arms around each other and beamed smiles over al fresco drinks. ...

The cosy snaps come after The Sydney Morning Herald's Private Sydney reported that Rita has 'moved in' to the director's home in Sydney's affluent eastern suburbs.

Taika is currently in Sydney to film the fourth instalment of the Marvel film Thor, called Thor: Love and Thunder.

There's a reason why envy, though a perfectly natural and universal human emotion, is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It not only  leads to bad impulses that have caused untold harm in this world, it's bad for the person doing the envying. It's ultimately self-destructive and self-defeating. 

Take this scene for example. Who among us could see Taika Waititi in the center of a Rita Ora/Tessa Thompson sandwich:

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

… and not, on some level, take it as a reminder that his life is so much better than ours, it's like we're from different planets. I for one can get enough satisfaction just seeing Thompson cosplaying Valkyrie in the Marvel movies, without her being 33% of a makeout that includes me. 

But giving in to our worst impulses like jealousy and resentment is the path of madness. The fact is that Taika Waititi is a great artist. He's given the world uncountable hours of magnificent entertainment. Thor: Ragnarok brilliantly took the superhero genre and turned it into a buddy comedy. Jojo Rabbit is the sort of biting satire  that Mel Brooks built his career on, but I though was dead in an overly sensitive world. And if you haven't seen What We Do in the Shadows, correct that mistake right this minute. If someone has been gifted with a talent and uses that talent to bring happiness to the world, the very least the fates can do is reward said person with a hungover 3-way makeout with two much younger smokeshows. Whether that person is a filmmaker, an athlete, a musician, or blogger on a satircal sports and pop culture website. 

And to be envious of that is simply wrong. As Voltaire put it, "Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes that is what is excellent in others belong to us as well. So good on you, Taika Waititi. If the next Thor is anything like the last one you made, you deserve much more than this. Still jealous, though.