Not Enough People Are Talking About The Determination & Heart It Took To Keep Ice Cream Cold for 5 Hours In Anticipation For Floyd Mayweather


For my money, this was by FAR the best one due to Caleb being the funniest fucking person on the planet. My favorites so far have easily been Waka Flocka & Michael Irvin, but I think this Mayweather is a clear cut #1. That big booty latinas line, asking Floyd if we can have some of the $1.2 million he made that day, and shouting out the people living in caves who's first time viewing television will be this fight on June 6th all made me laugh like I haven't in a long friggen time. He is truly a genius.

Now obviously writing ridiculously funny questions and in turn asking them with a straight face to one of the greatest & most intimidating boxers is why Caleb's the best, but what about the ice cream guy? HOW IN THE WORLD does the random fat guy keep that ice cream cold? Some think it's SURE is not. I quite literally have one job when we go on the road for a Sundae Conversation and that is to keep said Ice Cream cold. It's usually not that difficult as I'll just hit a store like Walmart or Target before the shoot then once we arrive at the usual hotel conference I'll just ask the front desk to throw the ice cream in the hotel's freezer. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

This one, though, was different. Very different. For starters it was potentially our biggest guest ever BY FAR in Floyd Mayweather and it was at the media day for his fight against Logan Paul on June 6th which was also at Hard Rock Stadium. Before we got there I had to stop to get the Ice cream (went with 6 huge boxes just to be safe) & figured to be safe I'm gonna grab a bunch of ice and a cooler like I'm going to tailgate Giants/Cowboys in Week 1 of every NFL season ever.  


We got there around 2pm and were escorted into a restaurant on the field level of the stadium to set up in without having any idea when Floyd would come in.

This quick little trash talking on stage went on around 3pm then the media availability was supposed to begin. 

We were told he'd just take some photos and do a few other interviews before heading over to us so I figured our cooler would do the job. Of course as we were getting ready down in the hallway we heard a MASSIVE commotion which little did we know was Jake Paul gotcha hat'ing Floyd.

So once that happened we had NO IDEA if we were even getting our interview at that point. We were told it was up in the air around 430-5pm yet figured we flew down to Miami for this we're not going anywhere and will test our luck. The only problem was the ice cream was beginning to melt & I was failing my one job. I started roaming up and down the hallways in search for some alternate coldness to no avail since it was so far past the event ended that all the coolers holding sodas & waters had been shut off. The freezers behind all the bars were locked. It was a sad state of affairs until I eventually stumbled upon the back freezer where they put kegs in and shit. Luckily I rolled my cooler in there as we waited & prayed.

Hope was dwindling around 7pm when me and Caleb decided to go take a walk to wake up a little bit only to be stopped by someone with Floyd on our way out there to let us know he's coming in 5 minutes. SHOWTIME! I ran to my little freezer area and grabbed the ice cream that was sadly mostly melted. I threw it all in my massive bowl and just kept pouring out the extremely melted parts for the next 5-10 minutes we waited for Floyd. Thankfully he rolled in and we began. Was the ice cream so melted that at one point it ran down my whole leg and destroyed my shorts? Absolutely! Do I care? Absolutely not because it made for what you just watched above. Not to mention as soon as the interview ended I cracked open a quick dude shower (s/o dude wipes) and it actually got all the chocolate ice cream off my shorts...Win/win!