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Tinder Is Launching A New Feature That Asks Dudes "Are You Sure?" Before They Say Something Stupid

“[AYS] uses AI to detect harmful language and proactively intervenes to warn the sender their message may be offensive, asking them to pause before hitting send,” the company said in a press release. “The AI was built based on what members have reported in the past, and it will continue to evolve and improve over time.”

The app cited recent statistics from the Pew Research Center indicating that in 2020, roughly 40 percent of Americans experienced some form of online harassment. Tinder said that in early testing, AYS reduced inappropriate language in messages by more than 10 percent. Additionally, users who saw the AYS prompt were less likely to be reported for inappropriate messages over the next month — a promising sign that the feature may have long-term effects on changing toxic dating behavior.

Tinder, tinder, tinder....what is you doing? This is the ultimate unintended consequences situation. Online harassment is a problem. We all have probably experienced it. I've seen the tiktok trends where girls post the absurd things dudes say to them. Tinder is trying to dissuade guys from saying shitty things to people online. Well you know what is roughly a billion times worse than online harassment? In person harassment. Now, girls have no way to know if the guy they're messaging is a creep or if he's just letting a robot hit on her for him. The guy could have the perfect profile. He could could have a dog. He could be holding a fish. He could be subtly standing next to an expensive car. Mirror selfie looks good. How is the girl supposed to know the guy is a douche bag unless the app lets him speak his mind? Before the girl knows it she agreed to a date with a guy with a few decent pics and a computer algorithm that masks the fact that he's a (Olivia Rodrigo voive) SOCIOPATH

And...this application feature, if widely applied to life kind of negates the need for a girlfriend at all. Having a long term girlfriend is like a having a live-in "are you sure?" feature in your life. Are you sure you want another drink? Are you sure you want to eat that? Are you sure want to wear that? Are you sure? A constant judge and a barrier against doing stupid and moronic things that we like to do. If you had an app that could listen to you in real time and correct all of your dumb decisions or at least make you pause...your entire life could be different. Tinder is just going to cut relationships completely out of the picture. Which...I guess has been their goal all along.