Jake Marsh Can't Stop Dominating In Stool Streams Stadium

Watch the full video. Like the video on Youtube if you think Jake is the best in the office, comment on the video if you think I'm the best one here.

I type this today as a broken, defeated man. In the span of 2 ping pong broadcasts Jake Marsh has completely destroyed my spirit and my will to live. Do I wish I hadn't fallen to the ground after losing the last match? yes. Do I think it was completely unnecessary for Jake to come over and try and "help me up"? yes. Will I use this as fuel for revenge and become the greatest ping pong player in North America by July? 1000% yes. In the meantime we put together a little obstacle course in the triple S and had The Dozen teams compete in it while they were waiting for their trivia matches. It's not the craziest video in the world but it's something to watch if you're looking to kill some time and like to see our employees look painfully unathletic doing everyday things (+ Nicky clicky in the booth). We will have Parts 2 and 3 later on this week as well as a LIVE championship with the top 4 competitors. Who do you think will join Jake in the top 4?