Your Suns-Lakers Preview from Inside Phoenix Suns Stadium

Playoff Trysta is back, and once again I am in the building on behalf of Barstool Sports reporting live from the Suns-Lakers game. 

The key piece for the Suns to today’s game is Deandre Ayton. If he can stay out of foul trouble and guard AD effectively? The Suns will win. He just needs to be on the floor. No shade to our guy Frank Kaminsky, but Ayton is kind of the key to the game. Chris Paul has spent an entire season preparing him for the big lights, and they are finally here. If Ayton gets in foul trouble early? It’s night night for the Suns. 

The Lakers want to play mudball. The under is a grotesque 213 so Vegas expects a very low-scoring slog in the 108-104 range, which is frankly exactly what L.A. wants.

Lakers gameplan: Lebron and AD need to be aggressive from the start because Chris Paul will not turn the ball over so don’t expect 20+ turnovers in this game. If they let the Suns pull out big? It’s going to be tough to claw back into the game. I want to see Lebron get aggressive early and get to the rack, and kick out to Kuzma and KCP. This team is not as good when he is strictly a perimeter player, and Schroter isn’t the drive and kick guy for this team. So health is the issue. Can Lebron and AD play through nagging injuries? That’s the big question.

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Below is the full behind-the-scenes look at my visit to Staples for the Warriors-Lakers play-in game. Since today is a near capacity sell out (90% I believe) it should have a full playoff atmosphere, unlike Staples.