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Holy Shit, Pringles Released A New Wendy's Spicy Chicken Flavor

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Yeah, this is sunglasses gif level news in the Casa de Clem. It's no secret that if you look at me, you can quickly deduct that I am no stranger to the snack aisle. Which is why most of these bastardizations where an established snack brand lathers itself in some other established brand's flavor in the hope of moving a few "Limited Time" units doesn't make it move for me. However, that all changes with this beautiful edible baby that the red headed Twitter murderer and the mustachioed man with the magical spuds created.

There may be better fast food items in the world, which I am not here to argue about right now. But the Wendy's Spicy Chicken flavor is an elite flavor in the fast food game. Tier 1 stuff. Colonel Sanders may have turned the entire culinary world on its head when he sprinkled his 11 herbs and spices on some fried chicken. But Wendy packs that thang too. Every fast food joint has been popping out spicy chicken sandwiches the last few years. Some hit, some flopped. However Wendy's has been in the spicy chicken sandwich game forever and crushing it the whole time. Putting that delicious recipe on that perfectly thin crunchable crisp is proof that God is not only real but that God loves us.

I can't wait to review this on the newly relaunched Snackin' Off (JK, but I will do a 15 Second Review on my Instagram page if I can get my hands on a can).

P.S. Not to brag but I spelt Colonel right on the first time