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"Tell Steve Harvey, I Don't Want Her" - Future Takes Shot At Ex Lori Harvey

Well-known "misogynistic king" Future has given us another incredibly toxic line about his ex. This time it was about Steve Harvey's daughter....Future's ex, Lori Harvey.

Future and Lori had a hectic relationship. For once it seemed like Future was tied down, a man who has children with six different women. 

SIDE NOTE: Remember when Future shout out every single of his baby mama's on Mother's Day? A true king.

Lori Harvey may also be the only female on earth to hurt Future. When they broke up he tweeted out his feelings like a middle schooler:

And now Future is back rapping about mentioning her dad? He is still in his feels. He sees what Lori and Michael B Jordan have and is down BAD. Do I blame him? No, Lori is one of the hottest women alive. Maybe the hottest.