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Vibbs And I Are Spending The Summer Together

Good News: My boobs are huge now. More Good News: Vibbs and I will be spending the summer together … with 6 of our co-workers and potentially YOU. Starting June 1st-10th Barstool will be on the road competing in a reality tv show esque competition and filming in Dallas, Panama City, Nashville, Chicago, and the Jersey Shore. If you live in or near these cities and would like to compete against the 8 Barstool personalities sign up here -> Registration Form

Yes, I will also be on this High Noon bus. I'll be the one going by "The other girl" and "Not Kayce." I mean, what the fuck Vibbs? I legit ALWAYS say yes to the bar. Where has Kayce even been? Recording podcasts and doing other work? Sounds like excuses to me. I have your army of simps all over me every week, gassing me up and making me feel fantastic, all saying that Kayce has snoozed, and therefore lost the right to your affection. They're saying it, not me. And you just leave me in the dust like this? I even give you under eye patch brand suggestions!

Whatever. I'll be in my bedroom on the RV making no noise and pretend that I don't exist.