Poor Atlantic City Being Used As An Overrun Vegas In 'Army Of The Dead' Is So Mean

Poor fucking Atlantic City, man. This place used to one of the world's biggest tourist destinations for beaches, casinos, and all-around fun and now it's being downgraded to a stand-in Las Vegas for zombies since they have shuttered casinos while Las Vegas' casinos simply never close. So mean honestly. Me and my friends have recently started equating AC to the Jets. Most of us are Giants fans & at this point in our lives we've simply decided the Jets fans have gone through too much for us to still make fun of them and Atlantic City is ABSOLUTELY in that same boat. 

Now this blog may be specifically for people from the New York/New Jersey area because Atlantic City is pretty much our AJ Soprano. We sure as fuck don't like our AJ Soprano, but at the end of the day you have to love him because he's your son. Same exact thing with Atlantic City- is it anywhere in the same realm as Atlantic City? 

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But do we still need to go to show we love and support it? Of course. If you're from around here & you don't go to Atlantic City as least once or twice a year you're just as bad as Zack Snyder using our sweet boy as a Vegas stand-in. Hell, my parents are driving down to Atlantic City as we speak! Not to mention you know where this photo happened 2 Summers ago? Atlantic City!

So can we please just stop belittling AC and using it as a fake Vegas? It's mean. Be nice to AC, they've been through enough.