The Future Is Here As The Nerds Finally Invented That Self-Driving Refrigerator Everybody Has Been Asking For

We've all been there before. It's the 3rd period of some insane back-and-forth playoff hockey. The boys are flying up and down the ice and there seems to be a scoring chance on every rush. The only issue is there hasn't been a stoppage of play in a while. No offside, no icing, not even a Weber bomb drilling the goalie in the mask and deflecting out of play. Your beer has been empty for a few minutes and you're getting parched. So what are you gonna do?

Maybe you're lucky and have a kid who can go fetch his old man a beer. Maybe you've trained your dog to grab a cold one out of the fridge. But for most of us, we're stuck. We're helpless. We either have to run the risk of getting up to grab a new frosty boy and miss a sick goal, or you just continue to sit there on your couch sobering up minute by minute. A brutal position to be in, but one that science has finally eradicated from our lives with the self-driving refrigerator. 

There are plenty of times when I feel like human beings haven't had any confirmed encounters with aliens just because the aliens don't think that we're worth their time. That we're all a bunch of dumbasses here on Earth and they basically treat us like a flyover state in the universe. But the self-driving refrigerator? Well that's some technology that might pump us up in the galactic power rankings. The type of technology that'll force the aliens to take us seriously as an intergalactic species. Some shit you could have put in the movies in 1980 and everybody watching would think we'd never advance to that point. 

Well here we are now, bitches. And it's name is Ku. 

P.S. - No idea how these chairs aren't a standard household item yet. 

h/t Ryan Phillips