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MIT Computer Scientist, Lex Fridman, Had The HIGHEST Conversation About Aliens Of All-Time On His Podcast

This is Lex Fridman. An MIT Computer Scientist. A guy who develops AI. He has been on Joe Rogan at least once. Rogan probably told him he should start his own podcast because Rogan says that to every guest. Fridman, a guy who struggles to make eye contact during conversations, actually took him up on that advice and has started this. I can't say that I listen because he is so mono-tone and dry and nerdy that he makes Elon Musk seem like Don Draper. Youtube's algorythm knows that I too am a nerd, just not a smart one, so they put a lot of his clips on my feed even though I don't subscribe. I decided to watch this one and...sheeeessshhhhhhh. At 10 mins, the clip is too long for most of you to watch, so I will give you a quick synopsis 

"How many alien civilizations are out there, over/under .5?"

Good question, fair question, normal question. The title of the video. She says over, but doesn't think we will ever meet them. 

"Trees could be aliens. Their intelligence could be realized on a time scale or a physical scale that we aren't appreciating. Trees could be way more intelligent than us"

Giphy Images.

"Where do thoughts come from? Maybe thoughts are the aliens. OR maybe thoughts are the mechanisms of communication in physics. Maybe consciousness is the communication"

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"why is there a super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy? Nobody knows how it started. That could be a portal for aliens to communicate through consciousness"

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This conversation actually made me feel better about myself. It just goes to show that even the absolute SMARTEST people in the world who do nothing except for think, study, and talk about questions about the origin of life on Earth, the universe, aliens, and consciousness don't know shit about anything. They're just like us. We are all basically still chimps running around the jungle looking up at the sky wondering what the fuck is going on. We just have slightly better tools than the chimps. Likelihood of life on other planets? Not my fucking problem. Nothing we can do it about it. Still fun to get 3chi'd into oblivion and talk about it though and when we do talk about it, it's nice to know that even the most brilliant people on Earth are saying the exact same shit as us.

(PS: I am so stupid that I can't figure out how to stop writing in bold text. The button appears to be stuck. I am a bold guy now)