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DeMarcus Cousins Nearly Ruined Anthony Davis' Career And Life By Pulling The Meanest Prank Ever ... He Tried To Wax Off The Unibrow

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[The Athletic] - Hood: Everyone knows about the block, but not many people realize the drama that happened afterward. The lockout was still going and so John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins were there, sitting across from our bench, about two rows up. We win the game and everybody goes crazy and we’re celebrating in our locker room when DeMarcus comes in and looks at AD and just starts giggling. Then he takes off running to the training room.

He comes back with athletic tape wrapped around two fingers, sticky side out, and comes right at Anthony. He says, “Hold still a minute,” and grabs him by the head and tries to wax the unibrow. AD is shielding his face and screaming, ‘No, no, no, no!’ I don’t think he was ever really going to take the brow, but he was just letting Anthony know he was in the club, he was one of those guys at Kentucky. He had Boogie’s respect, which not a lot of people have. It was kind of a coronation.

I'm not exaggerating at all here. If DeMarcus Cousins would have waxed the unibrow, Anthony Davis never would have made the NBA. He would have been a Michael Olowakandi type bust. I refuse to say Kwame Brown, I don't need that smoke in my life.  I encourage you to read the entire oral history in the link there, but needless to say Anthony Davis was a generational type player in college. Dude did shit we'll never see, especially defensively. 

That's actually the background here for this Boogie story. Who could forget this block on John Henson? 

All the guys there celebrating and Boogie tried to ruin Anthony Davis' life. Quick sidebar, I hate the apostrophe rules when it comes to a name that ends in s. There's gotta be a better way to do this. I'd like to fight the person who came up with the plural vs possessive apostrophe rule. I'd also like to challenge the person who decided to spell shit the same way but pronounce it differently to hand-to-hand combat. Meet me in Seattle. 

Anyways, back to Anthony Davis and Boogie. AD became The Brow for his entire career because of that magic. It's why he won Final Four MOP, despite going 1-for-10 in the title game. He was THAT fucking good defensively. Also just goes to show you that Boogie will pick on anyone and everyone. Just because you're the best player Kentucky has had in over a decade doesn't mean shit to DeMarcus Cousins. He's going to celebrate your success by trying to wax off your staple look with fucking tape.